Looking for a real Next Level Experience?

By using special effects, iSlide changes an ordinary water slide into a spectacular adventure. iSlide is specialized in various special effects. A Next Level Experience is the future. All senses will be tickled in both existing and new water slides. 

iSlide has different themes for water slides which will take your guests to a whole new world. All the effects are adjusted to one another to get to that Next Level Experience. Your guests can choose a theme on the touchscreen at the start of the ride. In this way you can offer your guests more variation using the water slides you already have.

With high end color changing LEDs, specially designed speakers for sound or music, LED Rings, Video Projections, Lasers and the AquaSmash Game, you can choose to offer new experiences by changing the themes of the slide. This will all be arranged from iSlide’s head office.

iSlide has been specialized in lighting applications working under extreme conditions for over 20 years. Pool environments are always difficult for electronics because of the humid air and high chlorine levels. iSlide has been improving all their products and can guarantee the quality of those products. Another reason to guarantee the quality is that all iSlide products are being made by the iSlide production team in the Netherlands. From start to finish.

We aren’t just a player on the market. We created the market. And we enjoy it!

Are you ready for us to take your water slide to a next level?