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iSlide systems are copied everywhere in the world. Because of the difficulty of having very delicate equipment that has to function under the hardest environment possible for electronics, it is virtually impossible for other companies to get a system like this functioning well in the long run. Electronics in water slides are exposed to all possible enemies. Water, extreme humidity and chlorine usually destroy all electronics within several weeks. In addition to that, equipment that is partly inside and partly outside a slide has to deal with extreme fluctuations in temperature.

There is nothing more annoying than repairing equipment in places that are very difficult to reach,  the outside of a water slide for instance. iSlide knows that your water slides have to be functioning and be available to the public at all times. When there are special effects in the slide, your visitors assume that they're working and they are able to use them.

iSlide has decades of experience in building electronics that have to function under extreme conditions. Because our systems contain thousands of sensitive components, we produce everything ourselves and leave nothing to chance. iSlide is proud to say that all of the installed systems function without any malfunctions. iSlide invests much in development and endless testing before it puts its products on the market. Each product is made very durable with only the best quality components. All iSlide systems are extensively tested at our factory and on site and are monitored continuously online.

This guarantees that your iSlide system will work perfectly and you will never regret your investment. iSlide is highly appreciated by its customers for the quality and durability of its products. If you have any doubt, we advise you to call any existing iSlide customer to inform you about their experiences.