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iSLIDE values the privacy of your guests. All iSLIDE systems are running completely according to the new European Union Privacy Law of May 2018 and we go even beyond that to ensure your guests’ privacy to the fullest. Here we explain how.

• Consumers always have to give permission to have their data saved.
• Children under 16 years of age need permission from their parents to have their
data saved.
• When data is saved, the consumer has to be informed what will happen with their
data and who will have access to it.
• Consumers have to be informed how long their data is saved and how it is secured.
• Consumers have the option to have insight in their data within 30 days upon request
• Consumers can have their data deleted within 30 days upon request, also data that
has been stored at third parties.

1 Picture permission

At the start of the slide, you first need to give permission to have your picture taken during the ride. It clearly states that if you’re under 16, you need permission from your parents to choose this option.
If you don’t make a choice there will be no picture taken.

2 Availablility

If you have chosen to make your picture, it will be available for only 5 minutes (can be extended upon request by the water park) after the ride on the touchscreen. After that period the photo will be erased from the server completely. If you regret taking the picture, you also have the option to erase the picture on the touchscreen immediately.

3 Additional Data

If you want to send the picture to your email address you are asked to fill in some additional data. This can be determined by the water park but we will normally ask for your age, name, email address, phone number and gender.

4 Social Media Share

By your email address your picture can be easily shared with social media together with the logo and a text from the water park. In the email there is another possibility to request or having your data removed by clicking a link.

5 Parental Permission

If you are under 16, a text appears that you need permission from one of your parents. An additional button appears on the screen that has to be pushed if one of the parents agrees before the data is stored.

6 Permission

On the touchscreen, it states that you give permission to iSLIDE and the water park to collect your data if you push the “send” button. It also states that your data can be used for promotional activities and that you can request your data or have it removed by sending an email to

7 Storage

When you press the “send” button, the picture is directly removed from our servers and computers and you have the only copy in your mailbox. iSLIDE and the water park will only keep the other data. Then the screen states how long the data will be kept and how it is secured.