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Media Sharing

Nowadays many water parks have to cope with decreasing visitor numbers. This makes sense as there are countless options for families to go to for a day out. And children are getting busy with gaming and social media at a younger age. How can your water park stay in touch with these youngsters?

The iSlide interactive slide effects bring a gaming experience to your water park. Today children want to share their experiences with their friends. Therefore, iSlide has developed mediasharing options. After an experience with iSlide, children (and often their parents too) want to share their personal action photo or action video on social media. They can do this by entering their email address at the touchscreen next to the slide. The photo or video together with their score can then be shared online.

By this iSlide collects your customers' email addresses. Which can be used to collect statistics about your visitors or to do promotional actions to get your visitors to come back over and over again.

It is very important to iSlide that this personal data can’t fall into the wrong hands. We want to make sure that every picture ends up with the right person. Therefore, iSlide has developed systems to protect the precious data of your visitors.

1. A photo or video will be only created if the user of the slide specifically gives permission for this on the touchscreen at the start.
2. You can decide if your visitors can send up to 1, 2 or 5 photos or videos to one and the same email address.
3. All email addresses that are entered will remain traceable afterwards.
4. All information is stored on a highly secured computer at your own location.
5. All stored information is encrypted.

Everything fully in line with the latest US and European Privacy legislation.