The iSlide company started in 1996 under the name of IBG Projex. With the rise of LED lighting, the company specialized in lighting applications working under extreme conditions, such as aircraft wings, chemical plants and swimming pools. Pool environments are always difficult for electronics because of the humid air and high chlorine levels.
Because IBG projex managed to recruit the best technicians on this area, the first lighting projects in swimming pools around the world could be developed in the late 1990’s.

Due to this unique specialization, the company was also asked to do projects outside swimming pools in the years that followed, such as the lighting of the Ziggodome in Amsterdam.

With the computer technology that emerged in the new millennium, iSlide has gradually developed gaming in water slides. In 2012, iSlide was specifically founded to focus on this subject. In the years that came, more and more features were developed (and patented) for slides such as the Aquasmash® touchpads. In the meantime, all systems were standardized for running online and our IT department can upload new content from a distance.


Nowadays, iSlide makes systems for the largest global chains of water parks, but also more and more regional water parks want to boost their water slides with iSlide.