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Production Process

iSlide only produces quality electronics with extreme durability. To ensure this, iSlide has the best technicians in the world specialized in this area. iSlide takes care of the entire project, from first design to final installation.

Technical advisor

First an iSlide technical advisor will visit you to map the entire project. The technical advisor will go through with you which effects will be placed where in the waterslide. Every waterslide is different and iSlide wants to create the perfect experience in every waterslide.


The engineering department collects all data and drawings about your waterslide and starts drawing all products on the slide. Professional construction drawings are made in AutoCAD so your contractor can work with them as well. At this stage, much information is exchanged with your contractors to get the best results.


Our production department will then build all the components which are part of the system. To ensure the durability of our products, this can only be done by our iSlide technicians with many years of experience in this field. iSlide does not outsource anything to third parties and produces everything itself, from the circuit boards that control the systems, to the spray painting of the outside components to get them in the color of your choice.


The iSlide system's computer code is written and installed by our own iSlide programmers on the computers that are controlling the system. The advantage is that every system can be adjusted to perfection and the software is being improved and updated continuously. After production, all components are set and diagnosed by iSlide’s computer experts.

Testing department

When all products are ready and the software is installed, the entire system will be connected and will run for two weeks at our testing department. Any bugs are completely removed from the system and all components can be adjusted to perfection by iSlide's specialists.


After testing, all parts are packed very carefully and sent to the desired location by our logistics department.


The iSlide installers are IRATA-certified, so they can work safely at height and have different climbing techniques to get on top of waterslides. During installation, an IT specialist will come by to adjust and re-test all equipment again on location. They work closely together with the technicians at our headquarters, who can follow everything online. The iSlide installers won’t leave before all systems are tested extensively and are approved by the customer.