We'll take your water slide to the next level Develop together with us a unique and exclusive partnership. We provide strength.
We add value to your water slides. And to your business.

Our focus is on innovation. Always something new. Discover how we can tickle your 7 senses:
to the next level

LIGHT With your eyes open you can’t avoid the power of light. The combination of colors and their intensity will take you to another undiscovered world. Beyond all limits.

SOUND Your heartbeat follows the beats of the sounds your ears are hearing. Let the sound waves touch your emotions and make your heart skip a beat for a second. Tune in on our frequency.

SCENT In the animal kingdom smell is the most important sense. Who doesn’t want to unchain their animal instinct? Release your inner beast and smell the adventure.

TOUCH To touch or to be touched, that is the question. We use this important sense as soon as we are born. In the end we have to do both. It’s a life vain and a way to live your life.

EXPERIENCE "Let me experience something and I will never forget." This is a saying of one of our greatest heroes ever. Collecting experiences and memories is better than collecting gold and last a lifetime.

PLAY During a game you are totally open to receive emotions. By playing the game you get the feeling of competition and excitement. Winning or losing are not goals on their own. Gameplay is.