“We love our iSLIDE system. We were able to create an entire marketing campaign around a brand new experience for 10% of the cost of a new slide. Attendance has increased 24% since we added the iSLIDE features. The variety of having different themes and programs in the slide keeps the guests coming back for more”

John P. Gannon
General Manager Zoombezi Bay / Colombus Zoo, Powell, Ohio

Slide: Soundsurfer waterslide
Year: 2015

Visitors Increase0%

Interactive slide | Merwestein

“iSLIDE is a reliable partner for us, characterized by innovation, flexibility and high service standards. The services they have provided to us are a major added value for our operations. Besides the growth of visitor numbers, it has led to a sustainable implementation of elements that are continuously adapted to different target groups.”

Ton Bothoff
C.E.O. Merwestein Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Slide: Interactive slide
Year: 2016

Visitors Increase0%
ColorMagic Spots 5

Jade Rapids | Lost Island | Waterloo

“The iSLIDE system was a definite hit for our guests. Interest in the ride nearly doubled over the course of the season as guests HAD to try all eight different song/light choices. We had no issues with the system once installed, and we look forward to trouble-free operation in the future!”

Eric Bertch
General Manager / Owner, Lost Island, Waterloo, Iowa

Slide: Jade Rapids
Year: 2016

Visitors Increase0%