We build special effects for water slides.

iSlide is specialized in making special effects for water slides. iSlide makes every water slide, into an interactive computer game and multimedia attraction, also allowing children to share their experience through social media. If you want to prepare your water park for the future, then choose iSlide and increase your visitor numbers by 20% to 30%!
Aquasmash® Touchpads

Aquasmash® Touchpads

Want to play a game and score as many
points as possible? Then touch as many
luminous touchpads as you can, while you
slide down the waterslide.

Aquasmash® Touchpads

Water Screen

A waterfall in the slide with moving images
projected on it. You will slide straight
through the moving images.

Aquasmash® Touchpads

Colortwister® Rings

With these computer-controlled LED rings,
different effects can be created in the waterslide. Like flying into a wormhole for example.

Aquasmash® Touchpads

Video Projector

Projects moving video images on the inside
of the slide. This makes you feel like you
slide through a movie or a computer game.

Aquasmash® Touchpads

Colormagic® Lights

These lights are computer-controlled and
can change the waterslide in all colors of
the rainbow.

Aquasmash® Touchpads

Slidechamp® Display

This shows your score and speed on a large
screen. These are compared with the high
score of the day.

Watch the 360 video to experience our interactive waterslide

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